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Monthly Packages:
1x/week $70 per month
2x/week $120 per month
Additional classes can be added for $15/class for persons with a monthly package
Drop in /single classes without monthly package is $20/class
*Payment is required at the beginning of class or at the beginning of the month.
What to Expect from a Class:
***Please bring a water and maybe a towel to class. It is warm in the summer months.***
Warm up with a combination of yoga, Pilates, strength  and flexibility activities. Then on to the fabric where depending on your level, you will be working on the full silks or the silks knot / hammock (where the fabric is connected at the base by a knot or looped into a hammock) You will be instructed at the level you are at through a variety of poses, positions, and skills that will later be used in routines to music. Each student will be provided with strength and flexibility exercises to perform at home or gym to address areas of weakness or encourage progress. Bring a water bottle to class.
What to Wear:
Leggings or capri pants, form fitting shirt with sleeves that cover the armpits. Things to avoid include jewelry, loose or baggy clothing, long nails, and applying lotion or oils to skin prior to class.
Bring a Release Form:
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