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About Knoxville Aerial Arts

Knoxville Aerial Arts is not your regular aerial studio. We are a performance group made up of aerial silks, trapeze, Lyra, Spanish web, fire, and stilt performers.

We love to collaborate with other artists and disciplines.  Our circus tribe is a positive experience for anyone on their journey with circus arts.

KAA offers 5 classes a week in which aerial fabric instruction is offered to students from beginner to intermediate.  Individual instruction is offered that is appropriate for each persons working level. All students must start working low and work their way up when they are ready (instructor determines working level).

KAA does not automatically put students into a set tract or curriculum. Students are able to enter and based on ability be provided skills that are appropriate and safe for their level. Experienced students my bring in pieces that they are working on and can work toward developing skills and transitions with the instructor.

Experienced performers may also use class time as an open gym or collaboration with other artists (competence and safety must be proven before participation in open gym).

Traveling aerialists- we love to host other aerialist who may be traveling to seek out new skills or regional variances in movement, skills, and transitions. You are welcome to bring and hang your own equipment after contacting KAA for arrangements.

We are located within the D1 Knoxville gym, which is a perfect training environment for us. Many of us cross train with the very knowledgeable staff of D1.

Contact us for a performance, open gym, collaboration, or to come try it out.


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